• Consultancy Projects

      Consultancy Projects

  • Consultancy Projects

    Organisations engage with Oxford Brookes Business School to help develop solutions to a wide range of challenges and opportunities. These can take the form of formal, commissioned, self-contained multidisciplinary projects, or an open-ended engagement to identify root causes or to use academically rigorous approaches to develop solutions. On occasion, this can include engaging post-graduate students as well as academic and research staff, providing clients with a wide range of skills across a range of disciplines, including marketing, finance, human resources, management and leadership and strategy development and implementation.

    Keywords: consultancy; bespoke; culture; productivity; skills

    Exemplar project:

    • OxLEP Business Visitor Economy feasibility study
    • Marketing strategy for a specialist engineering company
    • Change management for a multi-national publishing company
    • Modelling visitor trends for the Cape Town tourist authority