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      Ensuring Sustainability and Social Justice

  • Ensuring Sustainability and Social Justice

    The Earth’s population increased fourfold in the 20th century. As human numbers increase, so do demands on old systems of production and consumption, political organisation and the planet’s resources. How do we ensure sustainability in the economic, social and political arena? How do we take account of demographic changes, satisfy current and future needs and protect resources and stabilise communities? ‘Sustainability’ is about more than the environment – it explores the interconnectedness of the present and the future, across the natural world and man-made systems. How can organisations and governments plan to ensure replenishment, and the possibility of growth? Our researchers examine the sustainability of values, behaviours and business – from farming to tourism and beyond, and ask what steps can be taken to ensure continuity and security.

    Keywords: pro-environmental and sustainability behaviour; corporate responsibility reporting; organisation-based human rights; sustainable hospitality, tourism and events