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      Globalisation, Technology and Organisations

  • Globalisation, Technology and Organisations

    In the 21st century our lives are increasingly intertwined while nation states no longer solely decide the future. A Washington tweet produces immediate effects on Asian markets and an isolated terrorist attack induces heightened security around the world. As industries, technologies and communities share new connections and dependencies, people and ideas are shifting. Our researchers examine the challenges and opportunities of the local-global interface: How can Multinational Corporations ensure shared values and practices across linguistic divides? What can seemingly opposed ideologies learn from one another when tackling issues like healthcare? What characterises the interconnections of trade, transportation and technologies? How do we organise for security? How can technologies be used to map movements, reduce congestion and improve quality of life? How can social media address well-being and social isolation? How can individuals be happier and how to navigate the increasingly complex world of work?

    Keywords: language; culture and identity; social media; employability; well-being; security