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    We are catalysts for inspiration and innovation within Oxfordshire and beyond. Based on commercialisation of our world-class research and teaching excellence, and through our collaborative approach to sharing expertise and knowledge, Oxford Brookes helps businesses and public sector organisations develop profitable solutions to today’s challenges.

    David Hartley, Commercial and Knowledge Exchange Director at Oxford Brookes

    Innovation, better ways of working, a skilled and talented workforce; these are things that can make a successful business an inspirational business. How can we help you develop yours?

    David Hartley

    At Oxford Brookes we are passionate about linking with the business community and public sector organisations to collaborate, support, and drive the economy of Oxfordshire, the Thames Valley, and beyond. Our specialist knowledge, expertise, and resources are available to provide practical solutions to today’s problems.

    Oxford Brookes is an active contributor to the Oxfordshire business community. We engage with local institutions and partners through networks such as Advanced Oxford, we collaborate with other research establishments regionally and nationally and we share our knowledge and expertise. This places Oxford Brookes at the heart of the drive to position Oxfordshire as a high-skill, high-tech centre for British research and excellence.

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    Business School:  https://www.brookes.ac.uk/business/business-engagement/
    School of Education:  https://www.brookes.ac.uk/school-of-education/partnerships/
    Education and Teacher training:  education-schoolexperience@brookes.ac.uk
    Humanities and Social Sciences: hss-placements@brookes.ac.uk
    Technology, Design and Environment:  tdeplacement-enquiry@brookes.ac.uk
    Health and Life Sciences:  dgoult@brookes.ac.uk