Student placements

Your business or organisation can directly benefit by offering a student placement.

Many of our degree programmes include a period of employment as an integral part of the course. In addition, students often look for short term and one off project placements to widen their experience.

For employers

Advantages include:
  • access to valuable resources to help negotiate peak working periods,
  • an increase in profitability without the associated increase in costs,
  • an opportunity to implement or test a new project or innovation, which is outside the day-to-day business,
  • a resource bank of potential future employees,
  • access to the latest academic thinking via the students, their academic supervisors, staff and resources.

For students

Student benefits include:
  • a broadening of their professional experience in the work environment,
  • gaining practical skills in preparation for their graduate roles,
  • networking with individuals in their field of interest.

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