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    ViewCue is an app that changes the way we consider, design and develop places.

    Based on PhD research and new thinking, ViewCue is creating a revolution in visual understanding and design of places that has the potential to improve people's lives to enhance beauty, well-being and value.

    ViewCue is a tool for recording, mapping and enhancing visual texture, type and attractiveness. It calculates a unique measurement from a location image to indicate the complexity, variety and intensity of a visual texture, using advanced mathematical techniques. This measurement is called the Cvi.

    The Cvi delivers a visual assessment of development proposals that allows us to consider visual issues objectively in a way that's style-neutral. It demonstrates degrees and types of change. It can inform and enhance design and it can help predict future value of an intervention.

    ViewCue can be used to establish visual preferences for users, buyers and community groups, assist in investment planning, support environmental decision making and provide evidence of visual change. ViewCue is licenced for commercial application.

    Uses for ViewCue

    • Filtering and locating property purchase preferences
    • Pre-Application planning discussions
    • Providing evidence to support design decisions
    • Maximising value of places
    • Creating attractive streetscapes
    • Creating places with a dynamic variety of experience
    • Community engagement in location design
    • Conservation and area appraisal management
    • Enhancing and refining Public Realm improvement
    • Supplementing Landscape character assessment
    • Assessing the visual and financial impact of intervention
    • Testing design options 

    More information about ViewCue

    More information about ViewCue

    To arrange a demonstration or run a pilot project contact Dr Jon Cooper, Director of ViewCue Consulting.

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