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  • BRITA Leadership Development Programme

    BRITA identified a need for developing senior management capability within their organisation. The University response was to create a bespoke management and leadership development programme, starting at Director level and cascading through the organisation.

    The programme focus was on equipping the team with key skills in management and leadership strategy, and managing for high performance, with a view to the managers developing senior management (embracing the next level!)

    Central to the programme was BRITA’s competency framework, strategic objectives and values.

    The managers had very diverse roles including IT, marketing, sales, and finance. As these individuals progressed to more senior roles, the capabilities they required increasingly converged and management and leadership skills became more important.

    BRITA wanted to establish a coaching culture to provide support and to encourage knowledge transfer and a platform of networking between diverse areas within the company. This was achieved and demonstrated by the increased frequency of a coaching approach to organisational challenges.

    BRITA - Sarah Taylor photograph

    The Leadership Programme is helping us to create leaders of the future. The impact on our business has been significant. It has provided people with a framework to have the positive and the difficult conversations, helped to support behavioural change around responsibility and empowerment and improved the quality of decision making through coaching.

    Sarah Taylor, Managing Director, Brita UK