Collaboration with business

  • Collaboration with business

    The choice may not be as stark as ‘innovate or die’, but the pace of change in our modern economy sets demanding challenges for businesses in a wide variety of sectors. A company must be flexible and agile to successfully respond to those challenges.

    Oxford Brookes can offer the specialist expertise and services that you need when you hit those ‘crunch’ points. The skills and talents of our researchers, and graduate and postgraduate students, and the resources, equipment and services available to industry, allow you to respond to short-term demands and break through problem barriers to help you work more efficiently and profitably.

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    Right now the ability to innovate is not just critical to success. It is simply a requisite for survival. But the nature of innovation is changing. It is less about ‘eureka moments’ or silver bullet breakthroughs than about responding quickly to challenges, adopting new ideas, and moving fast to seize opportunities."

    Ruth Spellman - (Chartered Management Institute)
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