• KTP FAQs

    What types of organisation take part?

    KTP is primarily focused on small or medium size companies, but larger businesses can also take part, as can some public and third sector organisations when they are funded by specific research councils. The only exclusions are start-up and micro businesses.

    What kind of project is eligible?

    If your project demonstrates ambitious levels of innovation, impact and challenge, and would result in a significant gain in financial performance, it could be eligible. For example, is what you will develop new to your sector? Will the project transform the business and have a broader impact too? Is it more than a routine operation, one that will really challenge the project team? If so, KTP could be available to you.

    What are the requirements?

    Almost any company with a base in the UK can take part, though very small or recently established businesses will need evidence of how they can afford a KTP and invest in its outcomes.

    How long is a KTP?

    A project can last from one to three years.

    How much will it cost?

    For a small or medium size company, government bodies such as Innovate UK contribute two-thirds of the cost. So for a typical project worth £75k pa your company invests just £25k a year.

    How does the KTP package work?

    • a full-time 'KTP Associate' leads the project in the company
    • the Associate is recruited jointly but employed by the university
    • a university expert works with the Associate half a day per week
    • the Associate accesses knowledge and resources at the university
    • the KTP brings budgets for equipment, training and travel
    • the KTP is jointly managed to ensure successful completion

    How do I apply?

    Contact our KTP Office to discuss your idea. We will scope out a project with you, and work together on the grant application. Tel: +44 (0)1865 484204 or email: ktp@brookes.ac.uk

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