Graduate opportunities with KTP

  • Graduate opportunities with KTP

    Apply your degree and innovate as a KTP employee

    If you are inquisitive, bright, and serious about getting ahead, and you want to apply your degree, start a 'real' job straight away, and gain a professional qualification, then a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) offers just those opportunities. (The professional qualification is optional and is not guaranteed.)

    As an employee on a KTP programme, you’ll be pursuing challenging work and making a real impact within the enterprise you join, helping it to develop as you develop your own skills and achievements.

    KTP is one of the UK's largest recruiters of recently qualified graduates. Positions are available across the UK – up to 500 jobs are created each year. Find out more about KTP as a career option or see the list of current national KTP vacancies and vacancies being advertised soon.

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    Take the first steps to explore a KTP opportunity with Oxford Brookes. Whatever your needs, it’s likely we have the expertise to help you; and if we don’t, we can recommend someone who does. We’ll work with you to develop a successful KTP application, recruit your KTP graduate, and partner with you to boost your business.

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