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    September 2017: Bidding success in architecture and construction

    With partners in architecture and construction, Oxford Brookes University has won almost £300K of government funding for KTP projects to develop and validate new products based on its research in architectural technology.

    Working with The Rooflight Company in Oxfordshire, one KTP will create and commercialise novel architectural products that will give the company an ongoing capacity for innovation. The initial product range will be based on sustainable architecture research that the university has undertaken over a number of years in major international collaborations. The partners are currently recruiting a KTP Associate with product development experience, who will lead the project under supervision from researchers at the university.

    Meanwhile, Fusion Building Systems will use the university's expertise to develop the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its steel frame building system, with the aim of opening up new markets. Its light gauge steel technology has immense potential, but will benefit from enhanced designs thanks to a combination of computer modelling and structural testing. Two KTP Associates have already been recruited to work at the company's Northampton base.

    August 2017: 50% boost to KTP funding: apply now

    The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme has received an immediate funding boost that will see up to 200 extra grants awarded by April 2018 to support collaborations between companies and universities.

    Each project will make a business more profitable by taking ideas and expertise from the world of research and applying them to a business or technical challenge. Oxford Brookes University is actively seeking partners - typically, established SME companies with an ambition for growth - to make applications over the coming weeks and months.

    Oxford Brookes KTP Managers John Corlett and Anna Verghese are already working on applications with local companies in areas as varied as life sciences, materials technology and new software for healthcare.

    For more information on KTP see how to apply

    July 2017: KTP applications go 'themed'

    The primary funding body for KTPs, Innovate UK, has launched a new system for KTP grant applications. In line with its other funding programmes, KTP bids will be submitted against a set of themes or 'sectors', each with two application deadlines per year. Forthcoming deadlines are:

    • Emerging and Enabling Technologies: 8 November 2017
    • Health and Life Sciences: 6 December 2017
    • Manufacturing and Materials: 17 January 2018
    • Open: 7 February 2018
    • Infrastructure Systems: 14 March 2018

    Please contact John or Anna to find out how to apply for one of these themes. Email ktp@brookes.ac.uk or call +44 (0)1865 484204.

    May 2017: Anna Verghese, our new KTP Manager

    The KTP team at Oxford Brookes has expanded to bring in Anna Verghese as Associate KTP Manager, working alongside the current manager John Corlett. Anna comes from the University of Reading, which has for many years been a centre of excellence in KTP, and she brings valuable experience in getting the best from the funding programme. Anna will work with companies to develop applications for KTP funding, and support the projects that emerge from successful bids. To contact John or Anna, simply email ktp@brookes.ac.uk or call +44 (0)1865 484204.

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