KTP with Oxford Brookes

  • KTP with Oxford Brookes

    Innovation is the lifeblood of contemporary business, and KTP provides an ideal framework.

    At Oxford Brookes we are committed to sharing our expertise, and translating the knowledge we have into practical, commercial responses to real-world business challenges.

    The process not only adds to the success of our business partners, but increases our fund of knowledge as a university. For example, KTPs typically produce new research papers and give real-world case studies for our teaching.

    We champion KTPs through our Research and Business Development Office. When a business discusses with us the challenges they face, we identify the right academic team to help. Whether it’s about applying a new technology, improving a process, or developing a business strategy, we find expert thinkers and innovative specialists who are pleased to engage in solving a problem.

    Our staff will work with you to develop a structured project proposal and apply for KTP funding. With success rates of 90% and rising, your new project may be just a few months away.

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    Take the first steps to explore a KTP opportunity with Oxford Brookes. Whatever your needs, it’s likely we have the expertise to help you; and if we don’t, we can recommend someone who does. We’ll work with you to develop a successful KTP application, recruit your KTP graduate, and partner with you to boost your business.

    Anna Verghese, KTP Manager

    +44 (0)1865 484207