Ten steps to success

  • Ten steps to success

    1. A strategic innovation idea or an organisational problem to solve?

    2. Expertise needed

    3. Talk to the KTP Manager

    4. Explore the research capability

    5. Cost the project and apply for funding

    6. Recruit a suitable graduate

    7. Progress the project with academic support

    8. Transform your business capability

    9. Meet your strategic objectives

    10. Innovation embedded for long-term strategic change

  • The KTP Manager works with you to develop a structured project aligned to your strategic objectives and helps apply for KTP funding. With success rates of 90% and rising, your new project may be just months away.

  • Contact us

    Take the first steps to explore a KTP opportunity with Oxford Brookes.  We’ll work with you to develop a successful KTP application, recruit your KTP graduate, and partner with you to boost your business.

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