About DECoRuM

  • About DECORuM

    DECoRuM is a next generation GIS-based bottom-up model for counting, costing and reducing energy-related CO2 emissions from existing UK dwellings.

    DECoRuM estimates current energy-related CO2 emissions from existing UK dwellings and aggregates them to a street, district, neighbourhood, and city level. This enables DECoRuM to evaluate the potential and financial costs for domestic CO2 emission reductions by deploying a whole range of best practice energy efficiency measures, low carbon systems and renewable energy technologies on an urban scale.

    DECoRuM uses a locally-relevant approach and well-established methodologies to ensure credibility for carbon emission reduction planning cities. The working of the model has been demonstrated by applying it to a case study in the city of Oxford, and the results validated by comparing with local and case-study specific databases. The application of DECoRuM in a case study in Oxford shows that reductions in CO2 emissions above 60% are possible at a cost of £6-£77 a tonne of CO2 saved, depending upon the package of measures used, and the scenario of capital cost employed (low cost or high cost).