Potential users

Planners in local authorities

DECoRuM helps local authorities to develop a carbon emission reduction planning capability by helping them in base-lining, target-setting, action-planning, implementing and monitoring domestic energy consumption and CO2 emissions from public and private housing.

  • DECoRuM develops housing stock energy databases containing a unique record for every dwelling in the stock, with details of its energy rating.
  • Results can be presented visually showing hotspots of energy use and CO2 emissions.
  • The individual CO2 reduction measures can then be deployed and the outcome shown, to determine the most cost-effective package for CO2 emission reductions.
  • This can help the planner to develop and review the energy efficiency strategy and targets for improvement.
  • As measures are actually installed, details can also be fed back into DECoRuM to enable it to update stock energy profiles accordingly.

Energy advisers in Energy Efficiency Advice Centres

The Energy Efficiency Advice Centres (EEACs), of which there are now 52 all over the UK, provide free and impartial advice to the general public and small businesses. To offer such advice, the energy advisers in the EEACs require a tool that calculates current emissions of dwellings and financial report on potential improvements.

Building surveyors and real estate professionals

The ability of DECoRuM to calculate SAP energy ratings and predict energy savings and cost-benefits resulting from energy efficiency measures and deployment of renewable energy technologies, could be utilised by surveyors and real estate professionals when preparing home condition reports as part of the home information pack that home sellers and their agents will be required to have available from 2007 when homes are marketed for sale.