Unique features

The earlier alternative approaches to DECoRuM typically dealt with the effect of energy efficiency measures on building energy consumption, with no analysis on cost-benefits of applying these measures. However DECoRuM has a number of unique features which bring distinct advantages, including:

  • An individual dwelling is represented as the base level of resolution, but results can be displayed up to a street, district and city level.
  • Pollution hotspots can be spatially located and targeted for improvement.
  • Assessment requires no access to the property.
  • Highly efficient and cost effective since it requires less data input compared to conventional assessment methods.
  • A robust data filtering process provides accurate and reliable results.
  • Cost-benefits analysis enables cost comparison of different measures.
  • Help to estimate the potential of solar energy systems for citywide application.
  • useful visual aid when encouraging householders to install energy efficiency measures.
DECoRuM map
DECoRuM maps the results at a street, district or city level