• A standardised and consistent measurement

    A style neutral measure

    ViewCue allows built environment professionals to discuss proposals using this measure of visual texture, a style-neutral approach, which helps mediate in challenging debates around developments.

    Dr Jon Cooper, Founder and Director, ViewCue Consulting
  • ViewCue uses a new and unique measurement to calculate the complexity, variety and intensity of a visual texture - we call it the Cvi. 

  • Quality and calibration

    The Cvi index has a proven link with judgments of visual attractiveness, beauty, preference, interest and expectations of monetary value.

    It can be used to establish visual preferences for users, buyers and community groups and predict the perceived monetary value of a potential new build or renovation project.

    This new knowledge assists you to produce places that maximise attractiveness and return on investments.

    To calculate the Cvi we use advanced mathematical techniques. These techniques help ViewCue collapse the combined visual impact of the elements that make up streetscape into a new composite metric of visual texture.

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    Dr Jon Cooper on +44 (0) 7477 969217 or jcooper@brookes.ac.uk

    School of the Built Environment
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