• Identifying the attractive and the valued

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    ViewCue accesses the science behind how people view places. It’s a type of applied psychology that you can use as a tool to maximise the satisfaction of people for places.

    We’re taking the science and using it to make art.

    Dr Jon Cooper, Founder and Director, ViewCue Consulting
  • ViewCue is a tool for recording, mapping and enhancing visual texture and attractiveness.

    By analysing digital images in this new way our app supports your ability to deal with visual character and quality issues effectively in a way that's style-neutral. It makes it easier for you to create attractive and valued places.

  • Visual texture - beach image

    Visual texture: low

    Visual texture - medium

    Visual texture: medium

    Visual texture - green lane

    Visual texture: high

    ViewCue measures the visual texture of an image.

    It relates texture to visual experience to help measure, predict and improve aesthetic appeal as well as perceptions of value.

    This is a type of applied psychology, that you can use as a tool to maximize the satisfaction of people for places.

    Identifying - correlation image

    The image demonstrates the correlation between objective visual texture and people’s subjective perceptions

    ViewCue helps appraise and manage existing places.

    It delivers an objective visual assessment of development proposals.

    ViewCue can quickly target an intervention and demonstrate the effectiveness of change on people's satisfaction.

    It can inform and enhance design - and it can help predict future value of an intervention.

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