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    Perceptions of value

    There is a high correlation between the Cvi data we generate and people’s perceptions of the sale price that they would expect to pay to live on a particular street. What’s more it’s also an indication of their willingness to pay a premium to live on that street

    Dr Jon Cooper, Founder and Director, ViewCue Consulting
  • ViewCue is licensed and available for professional use within the development industry.

  • Professional - survey - area heat map


    The ViewCue app quickly calculates and maps the Cvi for a location(s) or project. This gives you an objective and consistent indication of visual texture and character.


    The heat map shows changes in visual texture across a small village. It shows how the experience of a place changes as you move through it and it helps you decide where and how to make enhancements. This can act as a tool for dialogue with the local community.


    Professional - assessment image

    'Before and after' analysis allows you to see and assess the impacts of proposed changes.

    Cvi data helps you objectively compare and refine the visual attractiveness of schemes and designs before permissions are sought and granted.

    ViewCue provides evidence to support your design ideas and opinions.

    The Cvi can also give an indication of the perceived value of a place - and places that are attractive and valued by the community command higher prices per unit.

    Professional - validation image

    The image shows the demographics of participants surveyed in Taipei to identify local perceptions of attractiveness and establish the relationship with Cvi in that place.

    The visual preferences of user, community and purchaser groups can be identified.

    Preferences are calibrated with Cvi data to map visual attractiveness and value expectations.

    Individual preferences can be used to identify preferred locations.

    We believe the new information ViewCue provides is valuable to anyone with an interest in the development industry.

    Practitioners have already identified ViewCue’s value

    • Filtering and locating property purchase preferences
    • Pre-Application planning discussions
      Providing evidence to support design decisions that have a visual impact.
      Maximising value.
    • Creating attractive streetscapes
      Creating places that make people feel good
      Enhancing feelings of well being
      Creating places with a dynamic variety of experience
    • Village Design Statement production
      Community engagement
    • Conservation and area appraisal management
      Protecting and enhancing the inherent composite character of conservation areas
    • Enhancing and refining Public Realm /Streetscape improvement
      Supplementing Landscape character assessment
    • Assessing the visual and financial impact of intervention
    • Testing design options
      Facilitating style neutral dialogue about design.
      Demonstrating distinctiveness in design.
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