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  • An objective, standardised and consistent measurement of visual character

    Using techniques developed from over 20 years of research and practice experience ViewCue provides clients with an objective, standardised and consistent measurement of visual complexity, variety and intensity in the built and natural environment – the Cvi index - as the basis for analysing, comparing and evaluating future proposals and buyers, users and community preferences.

    A single composite index of visual complexity

    We use advanced mathematical techniques to collapse the visual effect of building size, mass, scale, plot width, enclosure, street width, landscape elements, amounts of open space, building materials, windows, doors, rooflines, street furniture and vegetation into a single objective, mappable index of view complexity, variety and intensity - the Cvi index.

    A proven indicator of visual quality

    The complexity, variety and intensity index (Cvi index) has a proven link with perceptions of visual diversity, attractiveness, beauty, order, coherence, preference, and interest and we can establish people's visual quality preferences allowing us to calibrate the Cvi index for specific locations and specific groups.

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