Student placements

  • handshake_largeWhat are placements?

    At Oxford Brookes University, we offer courses that are directly relevant to the demands of modern life. Many of our degree programmes include a period of employment as an integral part of the course. We can also arrange short term and one off project placements.

    Who benefits?

    Students gain practical skills and broaden their professional experience in preparation for their graduate roles.

    Placements are available to a range of organisations in the private and public sectors.

    You gain:

    • highly knowledgeable students
    • new ideas and an enthusiastic approach
    • students' adaptability to business environments
    • a cost-effective and supportive recruitment service

    What are the advantages for you?

    • Increased profitability and reduction of costs
    • Project implementation, not yet started due to daily business demands
    • Access to the University's staff and resources via students' academic supervisors
    • A resource bank of potential future employees
    • A valuable source to alleviate peak work loads