New specialist services

  • Archaeology and Heritage

    In 2008, the Department of Anthropology and Geography formed a new consultancy service (Oxford Brookes Archaeology and Heritage) which specialises in archaeological survey and excavation, artefact analysis, museum consultancy, biological/forensic anthropology and environmental reconstruction.  The group has an international reputation for high quality academic research and a great depth of expertise in the Arabian Peninsula region.  It has formed links with local governments and infrastructural development organisations within both the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Sultanate of Oman.

    Consultancy services include:

    • Archaeological survey and heritage landscape evaluation
    • Site testing and rescue excavation
    • Artefact analyses (e.g. lithics, ceramics, phytoliths, palynology, geochemistry, micromorphology and forensic anthropology).
    • Geochronological sampling
    • Publication of data, knowledge transfer and public outreach. 
    • The group has an international reputation for high quality academic research and its reports and articles subsequently appear in academic books and journals.

    For more information, email:, telephone: +44 (0) 1865 483664  or visit

    Business Coaching and Mentoring

    The International Centre for Coaching and Leadership Development, established within the Business School, offers bespoke Coaching and Consultancy Services to inform best practice in coaching and mentoring and to promote effective and ethical leadership. 

    Services include:

    • executive coaching
    • coaching and mentoring supervision
    • coaching consultancy, aimed at all aspects of building a coaching culture
    • coaching programme, delivery and evaluation
    • coaching accreditation
    • ongoing professional development for coaches at all levels.

    For more information, email:, telephone: +44 (0) 1865 485782 or see the International Centre for Coaching and Leadership Development website.

    Functional Food Centre

    The Nutrition and Food Research Group, led by Prof. Jeya Henry at Oxford Brookes, is internationally renowned for its work on Glycaemic Index and is the largest Testing Centre in Europe.  The Nutrition and Food Research Group has been working for over 20 years, providing high quality customer-focused research and consultancy services to the food and nutrition industry, UN and Government agencies in the UK and overseas.

    Building on this success, it is now undertaking research and consultancy aimed specifically at meeting the growing need for the testing and research on functional food ingredients.

    The Functional Food Centre, launched on 26 February 2009,  expands the range of services available to include:

    • the identification and testing of ingredients suitable as functional foods
    • the development of value added food products and ingredients
    • the optimization of food formulations and enhanced bioavailability
    • feasibility studies for large scale production and cost effectiveness
    • studies to obtain data to support health claims, including conducting clinical trials
    • training on a wide range of related topics and tailored programmes.

    The services of the Centre may be used to develop new food systems, to gain greater understanding of food ingredients, functionality and their impact on health and well-being.

    For more information, contact: Dr. Lisa Ryan,  email: or telephone: +44 (0) 1865 483818 or see the Nutrition and Food Research Group website.

    Supporting Public Care Transformation

    The Institute of Public Care (IPC) has a national reputation in health, education, social care and specialist  housing.  It has a 20-year track record in applied research, consultancy and training for local government, the NHS and national bodies such as The Department for Children Schools and Families and the Department of Health. 

    In 2008, the Department of Health introduced a major national agenda to help transform social care by delivering major changes in the way care is delivered and IPC has developed a programme to provide intensive support to five authorities a year to address this agenda through integrated initiatives in personalisation, commissioning, service development and change.

    Each authority is supported through a bespoke strategic change programme which may comprise a combination of:

    • project design and management
    • research and analysis
    • direct consultancy and advice
    • service and systems design
    • management development and professional training.

    The intensive programme is intended to ensure that the authority is able to manage a major change in the way that adult social care is delivered, and that it is in a good position to respond to future demands of the growing older population.

    The initiative, entitled IPC Network Partnerships, complements the rest of IPC's knowledge transfer activities which include:

    • a wide range of consultancy projects
    • an extensive post-graduate management development programme
    • a subscription network of 35 local authorities concerned with effective commissioning, performance and quality of practice in public care.

    To find out more, e-mail:,  telephone: 01225 484088 or visit the IPC website.

    Sustainable Vehicle Engineering

    With 60 million vehicles being scrapped to landfill annually and over 950 million vehicles on the roads of the world, future challenges revolve around the very sustainability of the motor industry, with a focus on legislative drivers, forecasting, education, design, drivetrain concepts and new technologies for future vehicles.

    The Sustainable Vehicle Engineering Centre (SVEC) provides a unique platform for the whole of the automotive sector.

    Services available include:

    • an industry forum through the DRIVENet Network
    • market driven reports, covering forecasting and technology trends
    • specialist consultancy
    • industry-led research
    • testing and analysis of materials, vehicle structures and engines
    • knowledge transfer
    • training and course provision

    The new Centre is located in the Faculty of  Technology, Design and Environment at Oxford Brookes University in a multi million pound facility which also houses the Advanced Vehicle Engineering Group and Joining Technology Research Centre.

    For more information, contact Prof. Allan Hutchinson, e-mail:  or telephone +44 1865 484400 or visit the SVEC website.

    Youth Drug Misuse Programmes

    Since the early 90s, alcohol misuse and other behaviour problems have been increasing among young people. The creation of the My Strong Family Consultancy furthers the work already carried out by the Strengthening Families Programme 10 - 14 (UK) which aims to strengthen prevention efforts to reduce these trends. The Programme, originally created by Iowa State University, has been adapted to meet the needs of a UK audience and is now widely used by practitioners across the UK.

    The Strengthening Families Programme helps young people to avoid problems with drugs and alcohol, resist peer pressure and communicate better with parents/caregivers.  Through discussions and fun games and activities, families solve problems together, learn about rules and consequences and explore ways to show love and support, strengthening family communication.

    My Strong Family Consultancy offers:

    • facilitator training aimed at preparing up to 21 facilitators at a time to deliver the SFP 10-14 (UK) Programme to families with young people aged 10-14 years in their locality 
    • post training support to facilitators during the 7 week delivery of the Programme
    • a Trainer of Facilitators (TOF) course which includes a licence to train SFP 10-14 (UK) facilitators in their local services
    • a 150 hour module offered as a learning programme at undergraduate or postgraduate level
    • a Refresher Programme for trained SFP 10-14 (UK) facilitators
    • Ongoing professional support and development for facilitators via face-to-face, internet and telephone
    • consultancy (programme evaluation, research, parent and family support, training and mentorship)

    To find out more, email:, telephone: 01865 485275, or visit