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18th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference

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Annual coaching research conference

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The 18th Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference will take place virtually on Thursday, 20 January 2022 and will feature original coaching and mentoring research conducted by the doctoral and MA students of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies (Oxford Brookes University), as well as students from other UK-based institutions.

This year’s keynote speakers are: 

Eva-Maria Graf is an associate professor of applied linguistics at the University of Klagenfurt / Austria and a practicing coach. She holds a PhD from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich / Germany. She is the founder of the linguistic coaching process-research and has built the first corpus of video- and audio-recorded authentic coaching conversations. Currently, she leads the first international and interdisciplinary research project on questioning practices in coaching and works together with linguists and psychologist (QueSCo). Eva Graf is also the editor-in-chief of Coaching | Theory & Practice, a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal of coaching research published by Springer.

Talking Change – Linguistic Insights Into the Transformative Interactions Between Coaches and Clients
“Talking change – Linguistic insights into the transformative interactions between coaches and clients” (Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Graf, University of Klagenfurt / Austria)
The conversation between coach and client functions as the primary means and method to allow for learning and development in our clients. The utterance-by-utterance co-construction of what coach and client say (and not say) and of how they verbally and non-verbally react to each other’s contributions stimulate and underly the transformation of experience in coaching interaction. Motivated by their professional coaching theories, coaches make use of formulations, interpretations, extensions, and questions to encourage their clients to self-reflect and build new knowledge.
This talk introduces the linguistic perspective on coaching, describes what a micro-level processual focus on coach-client talk-in-interaction can reveal about learning and development and exemplifies this approach with current empirical insights into questioning practices in coaching.

John L. Bennett, Ph.D., PCC, BCC is a professor of business & behavioral science at the McColl School of Business, Queens University of Charlotte (USA) where he holds the Wayland H. Cato, Jr., chair of leadership. He teaches graduate courses about executive coaching, leadership, social identities, and interpersonal & group dynamics. Dr. Bennett developed the first master’s degree in executive coaching in North America and served as CEO of the Foundation for Coaching (the precursor to Harvard’s Institute of Coaching). He is author or co-author of numerous articles and four books, including Coaching for Change (Routledge). In addition to his teaching and research, Dr. Bennett has an active coaching and consulting practice. In 2021, he was named one of the top 20 coaches in Charlotte.

The Curiosity Continues: Ideas for Exploration
After 25 years of researching, teaching, and practicing coaching, I continue to be in awe of the impacts of coaching. As the practice of coaching continues to evolve and begins to emerge as a profession, there is much more to explore and develop. This keynote will present three ideas that continue to occupy my attention. As you continue your journey as a coach, mentor, manager, researcher, curiosity can be your ally. We will explore a conceptualization of coaching, a model for feedback, and framework for the practice of coaching as a manager. These emerging models are presented to challenge you to investigate and develop yourself and the discipline and practice of coaching.  

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