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9th International Conference on Coaching Supervision

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ICCAMS supervision conference

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9th International Conference on Coaching Supervision

The 9th International Conference on Coaching Supervision will be a one-day online event on 7th May 2021.

This year's conference marks 10 years since the first conference we held - a significant anniversary. The conference launched in 2011 as an opportunity to bring to life the discussions that had been contributed to the first edition of 'Coaching & Mentoring Supervision: Theory and Practice'.

Supervision practice and the research into it has developed considerably over the last 10 years, leading to the preparation of a second edition of the book, with many new contributors and new perspectives.

With a theme of New Directions / New Perspectives, this year's conference will focus on both the new themes and directions brought by these new contributors and on how supervision responds to a changing world.

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David Lane: Ethics as a way of navigating novel issues for practitioners

This presentation will go beyond the notion of ethics as conformity with an external code to consider it as a social construction. We are confronted with economic, political, societal and environmental issues so much so that, 'doing good' seems anything but a straightforward path. We also need to recognise that the world does not look like that from here - when here represents theories derived largely from western often white males. Some alternative perspectives for looking at the world from here, here and here will be considered.


Zoe Cohen: Business as usual is over: coaching supervision in the Anthropocene

  • Zoe will touch on the following, and invite a rich reflection and conversation amongst us all:
  • Locating ourselves – where are we now? – what’s really ‘in the field’?
  • Thinking ahead to 2030 – 9 years left of the ‘decade of transformation’
  • Our interconnected crises – social inequality, political, economic, psychological
  • How systemic is systemic?
  • What is coaching supervision for, now?
  • How might we really help? – contextualised ethics as a lived practice