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Oxfam seminar

Who this event is for

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Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Oxford, OX4 2JY


The Centre for Business, Society and Global Challenges at Oxford Brookes University and Oxfam International will host a knowledge exchange seminar on Monday the 4th of November 2019, 12.15-1.30 pm.

The seminar will be led by Jonatan Berezovsky from Migraflix, São Paulo, Brazil. Jonatan and his colleagues have been providing training and development activities, organising cultural events, running a catering business and collaborating with organisations such as Google, Uber Eats, and Airbnb to support refugees’ integration and financial independence. Please see below for further details about Migraflix’s work.

The event is free but places are limited and attendees must register in advance. Please email Peter Lugosi (plugosi@brookes.ac.uk)

The venue: Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Oxford, OX4 2JY

We look forward to seeing you there.

About Migraflix:

Migraflix is a non-profit non-governmental organization created in 2015 to integrate refugees and immigrants socially and economically. Migraflix seeks to build on migrants’ knowledge and help them to develop income-generating projects, which enable them to live dignified, autonomous lives. At the same time, Migraflix seeks to enrich local culture with the peculiarities and experiences that refugees and immigrants bring from their countries of origin.

Migraflix’s work focuses primarily on:

  • Entrepreneurship activities that generate income from the exchange of immigrant culture with Brazilians including cooking, music, art and dance workshops, catering services and motivational lectures
  • High-impact projects to drive empowerment and innovation, collaborating with the UNHCR and the private sector groups such as Creatathon (in partnership with Google and Sebrae), My Refugee Friend (in partnership with NBS) and Global Minds (in partnership with LinkedIn and Parr)

Migraflix currently works with more than 100 refugees and immigrants from 26 countries living in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. Since its inception, Migraflix has reached over 110,000 Brazilians with its activities. In September 2016, Migraflix received the Global Business and Interfaith Peace Award from the American Religious Freedom & Business Foundation and the United Nations Global Compact for their work on intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

You can learn more about their work at: migraflix.com.br.