Presenting preliminary findings from the CASPER (H2020) project

On 12th October 2020 Dr Charikleia Tzanakou and Dr Anne Laure Humbert from the Centre of Diversity Policy Research and Practice presented preliminary findings from the CASPER (H2020) project.

The project is a feasibility study of a Europe wide gender equality certification scheme.

They were invited to speak to the H2020 project ACT (as part of a series of webinars called Matching Events) where they provided insights about gender equality and diversity certifications to policy officers from the European Commission, gender experts and EDI experts across Research performing organisations and the business sector.

The Matching Events provide a platform for exchange across ACT Communities of Practice (CoPs) and other stakeholders (ERA level players) on the European Research Area priorities “decision-making, gender dimension and careers” and brings together different people interested in and working on similar topics and towards similar goals.