The Brookes Union Teaching Awards 2021

The Brookes Union Teaching Awards 2021

The Teaching Awards give students the chance to thank members of staff who have inspired and supported them during their time at Brookes, and letting these staff members know that their hard work makes a difference.

The quality of teaching in Oxford Brookes Business School is high, and so when colleagues are recognised for their teaching they are truly exceptional. It is fantastic to see so many of our teaching staff being nominated, shortlisted and winning these prestigious awards.

Oxford Brookes Business School colleagues recognised in the teaching awards were:

Creative Teaching Award: Winner: Lynn McBain Nominated: Alan McBlane, John Bancroft, Sara Le Roux, Gregory Kapuscinski

Sustainability in Teaching Award: Winner: Alan McBlane Shortlisted: Guy Huber.

Feedback and Communication Award: Shortlisted: Adrian Myers, Andy Kilmister. Nominated: Jacqui O’Rourke, Lynn McBain

Most Inspirational Lecturer: Nominated: Alan Mcblane, Andy Kilmister, Bjoern Asmussen, Peter Szende, Grzegorz Kapuscinsk, Lynn McBain, Peter Jackson, Ross Jordan, Sara le Roux,

Support Staff Member of the Year: Nominated: Diana Clayton, Gregory Kapuscinski, Alan McBlane, Rhianna Johnson, Samantha Drew

Unsung Hero: Nominated: Alan McBlane, Andy Kilmister, Peter Szende, Lynn McBain, Kate Ji

Outstanding Teaching for Employability: Shortlisted: Alan McBlane

Nominated: Dan Ganly, Jonathan Louw, Peter Szende

Students and Partners Award: Nominated: Andy Kilmister, Claire Jones

Dr Nicolette Michels, Associate Dean Postgraduate Studies commented: “Brilliant to see our OBBS colleagues recognised by the students - couldn't wish for better categories too: creativity, sustainability, employability and feedback - so important and valuable for this dynamic world we're preparing them for. Well done to you all.”

Leigh Doster, Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies said: "A massive well done to Lynn and Alan in particular and what brilliant categories to have won - creativity and sustainability! Well done to all of those that were nominated and shortlisted and thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to support students during this very difficult year."

Alan McBlane (winner, Sustainability in Teaching Award) said: “We are lucky enough to be able to work with some amazing young talent and being recognised by our students for doing the things that I love doing is a genuine honour, and something that I am very proud of.

Working through a pandemic has obviously given all of us challenges like no other year and the job that we, as teaching staff, were asked to do on the Events Management course has undoubtedly been made easier – and dare I say it, more enjoyable – thanks to the amazing attitude that our students showed in rising to the challenges that were set for them.”

Lynn McBain, (winner, Creative Teaching Award) said: "In what has been an extremely strange and challenging year, it was such a lovely surprise to be nominated for a number of awards and to win the Creative Teaching Award. I have been teaching online throughout the Pandemic and very quickly learned what worked well when engaging students at a distance. The students all responded really positively even when we had technical issues, their patience was very welcome. When students turned on their cameras and spoke up in discussions it made the world of difference, I could almost imagine I was back on campus. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who nominated me and joined me on this experimental educational journey this year. It means so much."

ProfessorTim Vorley, Dean and Pro-Vice Chancellor commented: I want to congratulate our colleagues on their respective wins, nominations and shortlistings for the Brookes Union Teaching Awards 2021.

Given the challenging circumstance that all staff and students have faced this year, the number of nominations in OBBS is really impressive! The fact that several colleagues received multiple nominations is such a fantastic achievement for everyone.

To find out more about the awards, please go to:,7CFQC,WSK71N,TTAUE,1