Oxford Brookes Business School

Alleviating loneliness in the elderly through engagement with hospitality services

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Professor Levent Altinay has had two papers published in the Hospitality Journals about the role of hospitality businesses in addressing social isolation among the elderly in the UK and in Hong Kong.

Project findings demonstrate the respective contributions of social interactions with employees and those with other customers to enhancing senior customers’ experiences and alleviating their loneliness. This study’s findings provide a foundation for future research into the relationships between social interactions, customer experience and loneliness in third places (that are, informal public
places that offer individuals opportunities to escape from home and the workplace and to enjoy voluntary conversation, entertainment and gatherings). Further, this study also demonstrates the specific role and importance of the hospitality industry in addressing a contemporary social problem in the form of seniors’ loneliness.

For further details of the project findings please visit the following websites: