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Anne Laure Humbert has joined the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice

Friday, 25 May 2018

Anne Laure Humbert

Anne Laure Humbert has joined Oxford Brookes University on 1 March as Reader and Director of the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice. She is currently involved in two international research projects.

GEDII (Gender Diversity Impact) is funded by Horizon 2020 for the period 2015-18. Within the project Anne leads the development of a composite indicator to measure gender diversity within research teams in science and engineering. This measure is more sophisticated than the proportion of women and men within teams, and takes into consideration gendered processes along seven grounds of diversity. This Index is used to show empirically that gender diversity within teams is positively related to publication productivity, when team composition is taken into account. The GEDII projects also develops new methodologies to study micro-dynamics within teams from a gender perspective, by making use of wearable sensors worn by team members for a week at work. These socio-metric badges record a range of measures such as proximity, face-to-face interactions and patterns of communication within teams.

Violence Regimes is a project funded by the Swedish Research Council, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Orebro. It started in March 2018 and will run until mid 2020. The purpose of the project is to contribute to the reduction of violence in society by developing theory and better explanations of the production of violence in contemporary EU. It investigates the extent to which there are different violence regimes, comparable to welfare regimes, and generates a complex post-disciplinary theory of violence. Anne leads the comparative measurement of violence in the EU, including gender-based forms of violence.