Oxford Brookes Business School

British Academy sponsored Paper Development Workshop

Friday, 06 October 2017


On 14 and 15 September 2017, Dr. Joanna Karmowska hosted an academic paper development workshop, which brought together 12 researchers at varying career stages with a shared interest in the internationalisation of SMEs.

In the inspirational setting of St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, the early career participants had the opportunity to present working papers to the group and receive focused feedback from peers and experts on their work. This was followed by interactive presentations on transparency in research, contemporary trends in academic publishing and developing conceptual papers, from Prof. John Child and Prof. Pervez Ghauri of the University of Birmingham, and Prof. Marian Jones of the University of Sheffield, respectively.

Early career researchers had the unique and valuable opportunity to spend an extended period of time focusing on research output development. For the experts, too, the event offered the chance to exchange knowledge with the next generation of researchers and enjoy stimulating debate in the grounds of one of Oxford's most beautiful Colleges. The workshop follows Joanna's previous successful symposium on SME internationalisation, which in 2016 saw practitioners and policymakers work with researchers to explore new and emerging research agendas in the field.

Both of these events were made possible through the generous support of the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences, following Joanna's Rising Star Engagement Award for 2016/17.