Oxford Brookes Business School

Oxford Brookes Business School in conjunction with Syndeo wins funding from Innovate UK for innovative project addressing mental health and wellbeing in the post COVID-19 era.

Tuesday, 02 June 2020

Innovative solution

Oxford Brookes Business School in conjunction with Syndeo, a software company that develops artificial intelligence enabled customer communication solutions, has been awarded £49,202 by Innovate UK for their Digital Wellbeing Coach project.

The Digital Wellbeing Coach is an artificial intelligence based software tool that aims to enrich the learning experience of online training courses. It will be developed, in the first instance, to enrich the learning experience of the Brookes online training course “Happiness Through Goal-Setting”, developed by Dr Christian Ehrlich, Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes Business School.

The aim of the Digital Wellbeing Coach is to guide people through course materials whilst monitoring their emotional reactions and prompting them to utilise goal-setting activities and mindfulness exercises. With integration into Moodle, the world’s most popular learning management system, the Digital Wellbeing Coach will be fully configurable by the course moderator with health and wellbeing content tailored to the specific needs of course participants. According to Christian, the Digital Wellbeing Coach has enormous potential to add great value to those participating in the Happiness through Goal-Setting Training. Beyond the application within our Happiness Training the Digital Wellbeing coach also has great potential for a much wider application particularly for students participating in distance learning.”

The research project was awarded in a highly competitive process, with over 8,600 applicants, of which only 719 projects from throughout the UK have been awarded with this highly coveted funding. The award recognises the innovative and ambitious solution that tackles the new educational needs that have emerged in the wake of the COVID-pandemic. Details of the Innovate UK funding programme can be found here.

Anyone interested to experience the Digital Wellbeing Coach within the 6 weeks fully-online Happiness through Goal-Setting Training course, can register to do so using the following email address: commercialservices@brookes.ac.uk

The course will start on the 2nd November 2020.