Oxford Brookes Business School

Gender Issues in Business Schools (GIBS) Network - Workshop

Monday, 07 October 2019

GIBS Network event

Delegates from across the UK and Ireland, and as far afield as India, met at Oxford Brookes in early September for the second Gender Issues in Business Schools (GIBS) Network event. Run this year by the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice in the Business School, this followed up on the highly successful inauguration of the Network at Newcastle University in 2018. The network was established to allow PhD students and early career researchers a space to present and discuss their work, though welcomes academics at every level.

Events are open to all academic disciplines and individuals interested in contributing to gender knowledge in the context of management, business, organisation, work and employment. This diversity was reflected in the broad range of presentation topics, which included work-life balance, trade unions, and micro-finance using a gender perspective and other intersectional lenses such as ethnicity and class. Thought-provoking keynote lectures were delivered by Professor Beverly Dawn Metcalfe on post feminism in global feminist movements and organizational change, and Professor Elisabeth Kelan who ‘mused’ on researching gender and work. Dr Sara Reis of the Women’s Budget Group Early-Career Network provided the final session of the event by exploring women’s under-representation in the labour market, and how government, trade unions and business might address this.

The network is run and supported by a cross-national group of PhD students, early career and more established academics. Anyone interested in future events and activities can join the mailing list, or follow activity on Twitter @GibsNetwork.