Oxford Brookes Business School

OBCaMS: Exploring Trends in Team Coaching - May 2018

Thursday, 24 May 2018


On Friday 18th May OBCaMs welcomed Pauline Willis and Dr Sue Fontannaz to discuss team coaching and what it means to be a team coach. Our two speakers were Pauline Willis (MAPS FCOP CPsychol CSci) Occupational Psychologist, Coach and founder of the Coaching and Mentoring Network and Dr Sue Fontannaz who recently completed her Doctorate in Coaching & Mentoring at Oxford Brookes University on ‘The role of coaching in supporting team leaders’ development and team performance: Skippers of a global sailing race as a microcosm of organisational leadership.’

Pauline explored the challenges of defining team coaching and teams themselves and identified the flexibility required of professionals working with variation of teams and team leaders to deliver team coaching outcomes. She highlighted the value of an integrative and systemic approach to team coaching and highlighted the Team Diagnostic survey (TDS) as model for working with teams and supporting their effectiveness. We then discuss Pauline’s team coaching practice and Sue’s research on team leadership coaching. It was a lively discussion with the audience fascinated by the challenges faced by the teams, leaders and coaches in Sue’s research case and Pauline’s experiences as a team coach, supervisor & organisational consultant specialising in coaching programme design.

Finally, Dr Judie Gannon also identified the themes emerging from a forthcoming book on Team Coaching which she and another Oxford Brookes colleague Dr Ioanna Iordanou are helping to edit (with Professor David Clutterbuck, Dr Sandra Hayes, Dr Doug McKie and Dr Krister Lowe).

This was the last OBCaMs for this academic year we start back in October 2018 and will be releasing our programme later in the summer.

Interest in the topic of Team Coaching brought together a diverse group of academics & practitioners, inspiring lively dialogue in the warm collegiate environment we provide. The high level of interest in this topic has led us to invite Pauline back again in the 2018/19 academic year for a more in-depth presentation focusing on Team Coaching Programme Design & Evaluation using the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS). Sue will also discuss her work in greater depth in next year’s OBCaMs programme

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