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Oxford Brookes Business School celebrates 25 years of OTH Regensburg partnership

Wednesday, 04 April 2018


On Monday 19 March, Oxford Brookes Business School celebrated the 25th Anniversary of its thriving international partnership with Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) Regensburg in Germany.

The celebration saw a delegation of senior staff from OTH Regensburg and alumni meet with current staff and students in the Business School. The visitors were taken on a tour of the new Business School facilities in Headington, which was followed by a drinks reception and student, staff and alumni presentations. The formal proceedings were opened and guests welcomed by Deputy Lieutenant of Oxfordshire and former Oxford Brookes Vice Chancellor, Professor Graham Upton.

Chris Blackburn, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Oxford Brookes Business School, said:
“Oxford Brookes Business School was very proud to have been one of the original partners in the European Business Studies project back in the early 1990s when it was first contemplated by the founding institutions. In its 25-year history, our partnership with OTH Regensburg has graduated a generation of successful and confident managers ready and able to embark on their careers on a truly global stage. We see it as our joint responsibility to future generations to continue to develop such socially responsible and internationally-oriented professionals by creating even closer ties between our two institutions.”

In his contribution, OTH Regensburg Vice President Professor Dr Thomas Fuhrmann paid tribute to staff and students, past and present, who had contributed to the programme’s success. He noted that:
“Today, OTH Regensburg offers its European Business Studies degree not only in partnership with Oxford Brookes but also with universities in France, Spain, Finland and Australia. However, our enduring and very special partnership with Regensburg is evident to all, with the highest proportion of students still opting to come to Oxford Brookes in their year abroad.”

Dr Jonathan Louw, Liaison Manager for the Regensburg Partnership at Oxford Brookes, paid tribute to the quality of students on the programme, saying:
“The European Business degree is and always has been a demanding four year business programme with a distinct international profile in terms of course content and time spent abroad at university and on placement. This year’s cohort of 34 students here in Oxford are, as we saw in their dynamic, humorous and thoughtful 25th Anniversary presentation, more than living up to the high expectations created by their predecessors.”

A brief history of the partnership

The partnership, although officially established in 1992, began in the early 1980s with a series of visits and exchanges between the UK and Germany. This later developed into a three-way collaboration between Sup de Co de La Rochelle in France, Oxford Polytechnic (now Oxford Brookes University) and Fachhochschule Regensburg (now OTH Regensburg).

It was in light of the Treaty on European Union 1993 – the Treaty of Maastricht – that programme pioneers such as Professor Werner Eckert in Germany and Peter King and Alan Jarman in Oxford set out to create a jointly-run course providing a dual qualification in European Business. Students were to be recruited in all three countries and the requirement was that they should spend periods in at least two of the participating institutions. The first student cohorts began the course in their home institution in 1991 before joining their chosen partner institution the following year. Although the programme has been restructured several times, and there is no longer a regular contingent of Brookes students going to Regensburg, the underlying principle of a dual award BA European Business Studies degree, whereby students graduate after four years with related, but separate degrees from both institutions, remains firmly in place today.

For further information at Oxford Brookes University contact: Dr Jonathan Louw on jlouw@brookes.ac.uk

OBBS-Regensburg, photo #1

OBBS Dean, Chris Blackburn, takes guests including OTH Regensburg Vice President Thomas Fuhrmann, previous Oxford Brookes Vice Chancellor and Current Deputy Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, Professor Graham Upton, as well as Bob Shankly, BMW UK HR Director, on a guided tour of the new Business School premises before the 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

OBBS-Regensburg, photo #2

The student team who entertained the audience at the Regensburg 25th Anniversary Celebrations with a fast-paced review of their time in Oxford and Regensburg, drawing also on alumni interviews and archive photographs of earlier student cohorts.

OBBS-Regensburg, photo #3

The full cohort of Regensburg students in Oxford for the 2017-18 academic year gather for a group photo at the end of the 25th Anniversary presentations.