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Productivity and the Pandemic

Thursday, 04 February 2021

Productivity and the Pandemic

A new book, Pandemic and Impact on Productivity, edited by Oxford Brookes Business School’s Dean and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Tim Vorley, was published recently.

The publication examines the emerging consequences and impacts of Covid on productivity. Featuring 21 chapters authored by 46 experts, the edited collection examines the implications for the economy, society and governance in the medium and long term. This work was part of the Productivity Insights Network and funded by the ESRC: Economic and Social Research Council.

In the book Tim has contributed to a chapter on 'Implications and impacts of the crisis on micro businesses and their future' with OBBS colleague Cristian Gherhes, as well as co-authoring two other chapters on systems-based approach in response to crisis and how can innovation policy support the response.

The book is described as an important read for scholars and students interested in the impact of the pandemic, this book will also be an invigorating read for economists and policy makers looking for more information on how the pandemic and resulting economic recession is affecting productivity.

To join the book launch Webinar Series, go to:

To find out more information on the publication: https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/gbp/productivity-and-the-pandemic-9781800374591.html