Oxford Brookes Business School

Refugee Labour-market Integration through Hospitality and Tourism

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Global migration and the refugee crisis have been in the focus and centre of recent challenges communities face. Refugees face many challenges in their host societies, which has brought their social integration to the forefront of policymakers’ attention.

Peter Lugosi from the Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Sonia Morano-Foadi and Clara Della Croce from the School of Law have launched a pilot project – ‘Labour Market Integration of New Refugees’ (LAMINER) which was launched in 2016. It examined how charities, state institutions, employment agencies and community groups influence how refugees enter the labour market and develop their employability.

This initial work has now been extended through a British Academy funded project, involving colleagues from Brazil and the UK: ‘Refugee Labour-market Integration through Hospitality and Tourism’ (RELAI-HOST), which is helping to identify good practices that facilitate transition and remove barriers.

This project will provide further knowledge exchange opportunities between diverse stakeholder groups and institutions in São Paulo and Oxford.