Oxford Brookes Business School

Research exchange: China and the World

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

HSBC Seminar

Peking University HSBC Business School hosted the first joint research seminar with academics from Oxford Brookes University on 12th September 2018 at their Oxford Campus.

In the morning session Dr Rozana Himaz, discussed the research presented in her book (co-authored with Professor Christopher Hood) "A Century of Fiscal Squeeze Politics: 100 Years of Austerity, Politics, and Bureaucracy in Britain", published by Oxford University Press. This was followed by Dr Ge Teng’s presentation on the characteristics of the Chinese Housing Market, Professor Manfredi’s work on the “Challenges of Active Ageing for the Workplace and the Labour Market” and Dr Anne Humbert’s research on “Gender and Diversity at Work: A Multi-level Perspective.” 

In the afternoon session Professor Hua Li spoke about “Embracing Innovation for Peace: Myth of China’s Rise and Fall of Globalisation”, followed by Dr Zhenhai Li’s research on the “Application of Alternative Data to Quantitative Trade” and Professor Guy Liu’s research on “How does the Chinese Market Value Stock Liquidity?” with reference to US, UK and Germany. 

This event included a tour of PHBS campus and a view of the idyllic surroundings from Foxcombe Hall tower. This seminar offered the opportunity to explore common areas of research interests and possible future collaborations.