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Sustainability implications of the spatial shift in global capitalism

Friday, 04 January 2019

Pritam Lecture ecosocialism

Oxford Brookes Business School organised a public lecture on 5th December by Pritam Singh who has been recently awarded the distinguished Professor Emeritus status by the University.

Chris Blackburn introduced Pritam to the audience and highlighted the many dimensional contributions Pritam had made to the University. In this lecture 'Sustainability implications of the spatial shift in global capitalism: An eco-socialist perspective', Pritam defined the spatial shift, produced wide ranging evidence to substantiate this shift and then emphasised that this shift from relatively less populated countries to massively populated countries such as BRICS constitutes a momentous difference from all earlier differences in the global history of capitalism. He demonstrated the unprecedented environmental implications of this shift and made a critique of both modern capitalism and old productivist socialism to argue that eco-socialism provides a vision and practical programme to save humanity from the ecological catastrophe facing it.

The lecture which was video captured was followed by Q & A session and presentation of a gift to Pritam by Dr Sarah Quinton on behalf of the School. A lively reception followed the reception providing another opportunity for many more discussions on the subject which evoked strong interest from the audience.

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