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What does it take for businesses to respect human rights?

Monday, 04 June 2018


As human rights have become an increasingly prominent issue to businesses, the need and demand for education on business and human rights (BHR) is growing. On 4th June, Dr Samentha Goethals co-organised the event ‘What does it take for businesses to respect human rights?’ – Taking a critical look at business and human rights education, as part of the Oxford Business & Human Rights Network (OxBHR Network) seminar series.

The panel event hosted at the Faculty of Law at Oxford University featured faculty and practitioners teaching human rights in business contexts. The panels and the audience debated questions such as: what exactly does BHR education involve? Who does, and should, BHR education target? Who are the key players in BHR education, and how do they get their message across? How is the issue of human rights framed to corporate audiences, and what implications does this have for their interpretation?

This blog by Anneloes Hoff and Lisa Hsin of OxBHR Network outlines key issues identified in the discussions including:

  • Targeting the right audience: Missing key players
  • The delivery and messengers of human rights in business
  • The translation of human rights to business contexts