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  • Dr Samentha Goethals

    PhD, MA, BA Hons

    Vice Chancellor Research Fellow, Business & Management

    Business and Management

    Oxford Brookes Business School

    Samentha Goethals p0019957

    Phone number: 01865485485

    Email: s.goethals@brookes.ac.uk

    Location: CLC G.14

    I joined Oxford Brookes Business School as Vice Chancellor Research Fellow in Business and Management in November 2017. In this early career research role, I will develop a research programme that expands on the findings of my Doctoral research (see below). My research project will explore issues of positionality, politics, and knowledge in the ways individuals across occupational levels in different sites of a multi-national corporation understand, interpret and make use of human rights in the workplace. I will also develop my publications portfolio working on publishing articles drawing on my Doctoral thesis and my last job at the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre.