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  • Nigel Bassett-Jones

    Senior Lecturer

    Business and Management

    Oxford Brookes Business School

    Nigel Basset-Jones p0071860

    Phone number: +44 (0) 1865 485812

    Email: nbassett-jones@brookes.ac.uk

    Location: CLC.1.19, Clerici Building, Headington Campus

  • Bassett-Jones, N. (2007) 'The missing link - is it a case of myopia or of looking the other way?'. Paper presented at the Eighth International Conference on HRD Research and Practice across Europe, Oxford Brookes University, June.
  • Bassett-Jones, N. (2000) 'Reconciling the diversity creativity paradox: a 21st century challenge'. Paper presented at the HRD Conference on Research and Practice Across Europe, Kingston, Surrey, January.
  • Bassett-Jones, N. (1999) 'Breaking out of creativity inertia: why organisations fail to get the most of their people'. Paper presented at the Workshop on Organisational Design, Education Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Brussels, April.
  • Bassett-Jones, N. and Lloyd, G. (1998) 'The great escape: breaking out of creativity inertia, the challenge of the twenty-first century'. Paper presented at the Emergent Fields in Management Conference, Leeds, July.

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