Lean Thinking for Business Improvement

Designed to help businesses free up capacity by reducing waste and enabling focus on the bottom line, this course will be beneficial for all organisations.

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The workshop content provides powerful learning on the value of applying lean principles to your business. The session centres around:

  • Business process simulation exercises that illustrate the need for lean thinking and highlight the benefits it can bring

  • Understand the concepts of value and non value add (waste), and discuss the importance of the voice of the customer

  • Share insights into how to start introducing a lean approach in your organisation

Customer demands are always changing - businesses need to constantly evolve and continually improve to stay competitive. This means using available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible, centred on customer requirements - which is the essence of lean thinking. This course offers a practical, fun and highly interactive session which will provide powerful learning on the value of applying lean principles to your business. 

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Your Tutors

Kate Maguire
Kate is a Subject Coordinator for the MBA programme at Oxford Brookes. She is a Module Leader for both Postgraduate and Undergraduate modules. Kate has more than 25 years of extensive business experience acquired from working in a variety of roles within the automotive sector. She has worked in a large number of different functions including: Quality, Finance, Sales Administration, Operations, Information Systems and Continuous Improvement. Kate’s business career includes 17 years working at Harley-Davidson Europe, the European Headquarters of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

David Crowfoot
David is a Business Improvement Specialist and Co-founder and Director of Footwork First Ltd. David is a professional and experienced senior manager, leader and consultant with a proven record in delivering large scale business transformation programmes as well as tactical improvements. David has 20 years’ experience of leading and delivering change and improvements in small to global companies across Manufacturing, Financial Institutions, Facilities Management, Health Care, NHS, Councils, Charities and Museums.