Business Improvement for Operational Excellence

Customer demands are always changing. Businesses need to constantly evolve and continually improve to stay competitive. This means using available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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This course will benefit all organisations seeking to drive operational excellence, by covering the following areas in a practical, fun and highly interactive session: 

  • Business process simulation exercises that illustrate the need for lean thinking and highlight the benefits it can bring

  • Understanding the concepts of value and non value add (waste), and discussing the importance of the voice of the customer

  • Sharing insights into how to start introducing a lean approach in your organisation

Lean is far from just a management fad, its benefits have been proven over time by both successful practical applications and scientific research. The workshop content provides powerful learning on the value of applying lean principles to your business to drive operational excellence. It is relevant to all, and particularly those responsible for driving change, or in operational or support functions.

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