Leadership and Change

This is a leadership course designed to help leaders thrive in a changing work environment and world. This course is suitable for those already in a management or leadership role.

Leading change infographic

The first part of the day is focused on understanding yourself as a leader; leveraging your natural strengths so you are able to confidently adapt to different leadership challenges. The second part makes use of real life case studies to enhance your ability to exercise inclusive and responsible leadership.

The workshop content focuses on the following key areas:

  • Knowledge: draw on management models of leadership change to recognise current leadership challenges organisations face

  • Self-awareness: draw on selective self-assessment and self-reflective tools to understand leadership styles and personal strengths

  • Case study analysis: provide insight into real world contemporary challenges

  • Create a self-development plan and toolkit and applying this in personal work context

This course gives you the tools to be able to leverage personal leadership capabilities as the leader of today needs to be able to navigate contemporary challenges that are complex and diverse. 

£300 per person (includes external diagnostic tool)

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