Unlocking Strategic Innovation- Innovating for competitive advantage

This course will help Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs and SME owners understand how innovation can help organisations to grow, adapt, be more resilient, and outcompete rivals.

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The objectives of the workshop content are as follows:

  • Understand how innovation can vitalise organisational growth and discuss how to apply this to your own organisation. 

  • Appreciate how innovation helps in adapting to changes in the environment and share how your organisation can adapt. 

  • Understand how innovation increases organisational resilience and apply learnings from the session to personal work contexts. 

  • Becoming more competitive. Appreciate how innovation helps to outcompete rivals and discuss how to be more organisationally competitive

This course encourages you to learn from renowned theories and frameworks and supported by real-world examples, to think about how these variables can be applied to one’s own organisational context.

£250 per person

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