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Short courses and masterclasses

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    Are you one of the many managers or executives finding it challenging to find time for professional development?

    At Oxford Brookes Business School we are launching a series of short courses focused on tailored CPD workshops. Starting in October 2018, these highly participative and engaging workshops will use elements of our leading research to provide you with up-to-date professional development relevant to the workplace.

    You have the option to attend one workshop or all of them if you so wish.

    We are inviting you to simply express interest in the masterclasses. We also want you to let us know which topics are most important and relevant to you and your colleagues.

    The normal rate for each workshop is £375 per delegate per workshop, but we are offering a special launch price in 2018 of £250 including lunch. Lunch will be at the award winning Brookes Restaurant (subject to availability).

    If you would be interested in any of the following workshops, please contact us on commercialservices@brookes.ac.uk

    Workshop Dates

    Course Name Course Date Course Tutor  
    Leading and Managing in Times of Uncertainty 1 November 2018 Barbara Kemp Book now
    Innovation and Intrapreneurship 21 November 2018 Peter Russell Book now
    Strategy and Design Thinking 28 November 2018 Eric Cassells Book now
    Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring 5 December 2018 Carmelina Lawton-Smith Book now
    Digital Marketing Basics 6 December 2018 Georgina Whyatt Book now

    Leading and Managing in Times of Uncertainty

    The role of leaders and managers is changing – and has arguably never been so challenging. There is no longer such thing as a steady state and the skills required for managing uncertainty are quite different. This workshop will help you to have a well-developed understanding of your own leadership and management strengths and your personal development priorities, applying recent thinking and knowledge from research and our experience in the field.

    Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring

    Coaching is now widely recognised as best practice in HR development. This course is aimed at those who want to understand how to set up and maintain a coaching relationship in line with professional standards. It will cover the key skills and competencies required for coaching and investigate which coaching models and structures fit best in your organisation.

    Digital Marketing Basics

    According to the McKinsey report, Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism “Companies with greater digital capabilities were able to convert sales at a rate 2.5 times greater than companies at the lower level did.” Digital campaigns can offer marketers more creative, flexible and responsive opportunities to vary their product or service offering to customers. This Masterclass will discuss how digital technologies have accelerated changes in the marketing environment, presenting both challenges and opportunities. You will learn how to combine digital and traditional marketing to optimum effect, plan and implement effective digital campaigns and understand what social media can achieve.

    Understanding Diversity in the Workplace

    Embracing diversity in the workplace can bring many benefits to SMEs – for example helping to broaden capabilities, get closer to customers and develop competitive advantage. This introductory course will show you how workforces are changing and likely to continue to change. It will help you understand your obligations and legal requirements so that you can update the equality policies and practices in your organisation. You will also develop your own skills in managing and benefiting from diversity – helping make your organisation more fit for the future.

    Innovation and Intrapreneurship

    How do you cultivate a sustainable, innovative culture in your company whilst at the same time keeping your teams’ minds on the job in hand? Do you have budding entrepreneurs in your organisation but are concerned about retaining them? This workshop will examine the concept and practice of developing an entrepreneurial mind-set and show that by helping people be more innovative, they can solve problems and follow up opportunities for the benefit of themselves and the organisation as a whole.

    Strategy and Design Thinking

    Strategic thinking and vision requires practice and space to be developed. These workshops offer new and senior managers a safe environment to move from the operational level to a strategic focus.  We will be offering a series of linked courses which you can choose to access individually or as a group.

    The initial group is as follows. Please select the workshops that you would be interested in finding out more about: (1-4)

    1. Strategy thinking, analysis and generation.
    2. Change Management Toolkit. Impact, mapping, and intervention strategies.
    3. Implementing Strategy Successfully – why strategic change fails and what to do about it.

    From PA to EA

    In today’s dynamic workplace – traditional jobs are being replaced by new kinds of roles- particularly in fast changing sectors such as finance and start-ups. Experienced Executive Assistants are increasingly becoming an important part of the management team and being rewarded accordingly. If you already have some experience as a PA or other support role, this workshop will look at the widespread responsibilities of senior EAs – and the competencies required. It will help you develop the understanding and skills needed to better position yourself to take up these demanding but exciting positions. (This is likely to be a weekend course - details and pricing available on request).

    Building a High-Performance Team

    This workshop examines the features and characteristics of high performing teams. As well as classroom sessions it will include a participatory team building exercise at the award-winning Brookes Restaurant. Highly interactive and fun – this exercise has proven highly effective in challenging pre-conceptions and demonstrating what it takes to build an effective team. The workshop thus combines cutting-edge theory with hands-on practice – and is suitable for individuals and existing teams… as long as you are prepared to join in! (Details and pricing available on request as the workshop design will depend on the mix of people wishing to attend).