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Thought leadership

  • Thought leadership

    We wanted to give employees the toolkit to enable them to develop themselves and their teams. The programme is a good mix of theory and practice which can easily be translated into the workplace. The impact on our business has been significant.

    Managing Director of a UK organisation

    At Oxford Brookes we are committed to building research excellence by developing our internationally recognised research portfolio. This informs and updates our consultancy, training and programme design and approach giving you access to a relevant range of thought leadership in key areas.

    We showcase our expertise through events including round tables.

    Oxford Brookes Business School comprises of business and management, accounting, finance and economics and marketing.

    Research Centres

    We have developed several research centres which bring distinctiveness to the work of the faculty, the programmes we offer and to the wider community.

    We have a strong research culture and support an expanding community of research-active staff and research students, where effective research foci are emerging in a multiplicity of clusters.

    Our business research agenda encompasses our academic departments and cover diverse topics including:

    • Coaching and Mentoring

    • Corporate strategy

    • Competitive Strategy

    • Growth strategies

    • Global Business

    • International trade and foreign direct investment

    • Leadership

    • Culture

    • Motivation

    • Practices

    • Strategic HRM

    • Management of Globalisation

    • Brand Strategy

    • Consumers and Consumption

    • Digital Marketing

    • Accounting

    • Accountability and Responsibility

    • Applied Microeconomics

    • Applied Macro

    • Public and Financial Economics

    • Developmental and Environmental Economics
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