Oxford Brookes Business School

Resilience Commitment

  • The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the world of business. The community has worked hard to adapt during these exceedingly difficult times and for plenty it has been a struggle to keep afloat. There are other challenges to be navigated too, like the climate crisis, Brexit and ever faster-paced technological developments. 

    Oxford Brookes Business School is delighted to be launching a Business Resilience initiative. Through a rich mix of support, programmes, connectivity and more, we want to support small and medium-sized businesses in thinking afresh about things, to build resilience and to even use these difficult times as an opportunity to reassess and grow.

    The core of our offer is focused on four areas:

  • Support

    We can provide initial support through discussions with qualified staff and external colleagues to help understand your issues and provide some additional insights into complex issues. These activities can include:


    Providing access to our growing list of programmes designed to enhance management and leadership capabilities, such as:


    We want to develop long-term and productive relationships to help us understand what support businesses need and provide it in a practical way grounded in common sense, professional best practice and research. Approaches to this may include:

    We are as committed to working with start-ups, micro businesses and SMEs as we are to helping nationals and multinationals. Similarly, our support stretches across the private sector to social enterprises and into the charitable sector.


    We will always do what we can to help, but if we can’t we try and help signpost organisations to other support organisation with relevant opportunities, such as:

    We offer cost-effective solutions for businesses and, in some cases, are able to provide pro-bono support. Where we don’t charge we would ask to take students on a placement, consider sending their staff on one of our CPD or apprenticeship programmes, or taking part in one of our research programmes. When things go really well, we might talk to the business about creating a joint venture or putting in a shared bid for government or Research Council funding. Together we may be able to draw down funding that alone we could not. We are also aware that by working with business we will learn from them as they will learn from us.