Oxford Brookes Business School

MBA Community

  • The Oxford Brookes Global MBA programme is a professional and personal journey. It is the people who you share that journey with that make it such a rich and rewarding experience.

    Who you'll work with

    You will work with academic staff who bring their commercial experience and academic expertise to the classroom. You will learn from the rest of your cohort who come from a diverse range of industry sectors and cultural backgrounds and you will connect with industry leaders who bring their own and expertise and insights.

    Oxford Brookes Global MBA alumni are successful in business and management around the world and we have an active MBA Community network.

    Participate in a range of MBA community events

    • The Annual MBA Summer School keeps you up-to-date with current issues in management. With a mixture of academic and industry speakers, from a variety of sectors and cultures it's an excellent way to explore management from a variety of perspectives.
    • Afternoon teas and social evenings are an enjoyable way to meet up and expand your professional network. They may focus on a topic such as careers or be a chance to hear from an industry expert or meet a client for a consultancy project.
    • Alumni and students help organise and participate in a range of events. These have included a visit to the House of Lords in London, entering the Coca-Cola One Planet Sustainability Challenge and the Business Poetry Challenge at the Pegasus Theatre.
    • Through leadership challenges and consultancy projects students have worked with IT start-ups, social enterprises and world-renowned companies including BMW and Harley Davidson.
    • International study trips and opportunities to study at an international partner institution also enable students to gain knowledge different international settings.

    There are many opportunities for alumni networking as well as career support and other benefits.

    AMBA membership

    All our students become AMBA members. This membership provides a suite of careers, networking and knowledge services, linking together students and alumni from other AMBA-accredited business schools. Graduating from our programme does not mean ceasing to become a member; the individual AMBA membership continues in perpetuity for Oxford Brookes Global MBA alumni.

    Other benefits for MBA Alumni

    • Careers support from the School
    • Opportunities for networking with other MBA alumni and professionals
    • Access to regular free lectures, talks and events