Oxford Brookes Business School

MBA Summer School - June 2017

  • MBA Summer School
  • Oxford Brookes University and the Business School were delighted to host the fifth annual MBA Summer School for alumni and current students.

    This year is a special year as it marks the physical relocation of the Business School from the Wheatley Campus (where it has been for over 20 years) back to the heart of Oxford Brookes University on the Headington Campus. The relocation provides an outstanding opportunity for the business school to become the main portal for business into the University and to thus further strengthen our links with the business community as a whole. The relocation will also provide state-of-the-art facilities for current students and alumni as well as facilitating productive links between the business school and the wider University.

    The MBA Summer School took place on the Headington Campus on the 23rd and 24th June. It was a great opportunity for staff, students and alumni to meet and exchange ideas while discussing a range of current topics and challenges facing organisations in the 21st century. Last year the newly formed MBA Alumni Steering Committee identified a theme of “Entrepreneurship”. This year the steering committee identified a theme of “Preparing for Change”.

    We were particularly pleased to welcome so many alumni who participated in our discussions by leading and presenting on a range of topics. The Gala Dinner was well attended and organised to coincide with the Graduation Ceremony.

    We interpreted 'Change' in its broadest sense as in many ways the world of business is faced with unprecedented change in terms of technology, global politics and economy. This was considered to be particularly relevant considering the impending relocation of the Business School.

    Speakers were made up of a mix of OBU staff, alumni and guests (business practitioners) A number of potential collaborative research projects were also discussed. For alumni the Summer School remains a great way to maintain the currency of their MBA.

    We would like to thank those of you who participated and made the event such a success. We hope to build on this success again in future years and hope as many as possible will be able to join us. If you would like to find out more, please visit our MBA Community page.

    Topics included:

    • Future Agenda, Patrick Harris and team: Facilitated interactive immersive workshop considering what the world of business will look like in 10 year’s time.
    • Prof Pritam Singh: A presentation with questions and answers which focused on "sustainability implications of the spatial shift in global capitalism".
    • Prof Juliette Koning: A presentation with questions and answers which focused on "The Maritime Dimension of Transnational Organised Crime in Indonesia,"
    • Tom Pannett (MBA alumnus): A presentation with questions and answers in which Tom talked about using his Oxford Brookes MBA to set up a new international online retailing business. This includes some of the challenges he has faced in breaking into new international markets in the space of six month.
    • Dr Sola Adesola: A presentation with questions and answers which focused on .
    • Dr Simon Adderley: A presentation with questions and answers which focused on "a possible paradigm shift in the attitudes of business following the effects of globalisation on supply chains."
    • John Newbigin OBE: Co-Founder and Chair of Creative England Policymaker, Creative Entrepreneur, Writer and Consultant: presentation with questions and answers focused on the implications of Brexit and change.
    • JP Dallmann (Business Practitioner): The “Effective, Sustainable & Significant Change” talk and Q&A session focused on the importance of managing change from a behavioral perspective, how to effectively manage it as a leader and for your teams, whilst making it sustainable.